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The peach skin shades of a love worn camp blanket…a few yards of deep indigo mud cloth, faded by 80 years of African sun…the swans down softness of a vintage white tee…the textured sensuality of a Japanese Boro kimono…Uncle Phil down in NOLA, struttin’ his stuff in funk and flash chain-stitch Western wear - these were the building blocks for the birth of Bliss And Mischief. 

“I started by acting very instinctually,” explains BAM designer and founder Hillary Justin, ”thinking about the colors of the desert and this epic, ‘I-don’t-know-how-old or how-tall’ cactus in my backyard.”

Inspired by this epic cactus, as well as the sun bled shades of Joshua Tree and the vivid embroidered details of classic Western kitsch, Justin began to source vintage cloth while re-designing and revamping classic pieces. Bliss and Mischief's offering now range from original custom and handmade chain-stitch designs, executed on vintage stock, to vintage fabrics reborn as fresh, modern designs. In addition to these one-of-a-kind pieces, Bliss And Mischief's collection also includes a select curation of vintage classics - military jumpsuits, antique Japanese kimonos, perfectly soft, solid vintage t-shirts, and more. 

Simultaneously contemporary and nostalgic, Bliss and Mischief is clothing which embraces all the beautiful imperfections that come with fabric lived in…and loved.

Hillary Justin

Hillary Justin



Born lakeside in Michigan, Justin grew up exploring the local antique malls with her parents and digging among the vintage shops of New Orleans on vacations to visit her Uncle Phil. Eventually studying sculpture, art therapy and earning a psychology degree, Justin relocated to Los Angeles, where she worked as commercial fashion designer for nearly a decade.

On a search for outside inspiration, Justin would eventually co-found a successful vintage business, Just Say Native and in 2014, finally create her own line - Bliss and Mischief.  With BAM, Justin has combined her longtime design experience with her eye for vintage, creating an evolving collection inspired by everything from the California desert to the Spanish moss magic of New Orleans. 

With each unique piece she creates, Justin draws from a long list personal inspirations – 4H sewing classes as a kid, rockin’ thrift store fashions as a teen, creating her own hippie tops out of vintage 1950s aprons she found at the local flea markets.

“I felt good wearing something that added to my individuality,” remembers Justin,” and that is my same mentality now.  The idea of creating something that is special and limited still feels important to me.” 


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