Sunray Kelley


Sunray Kelley crafts with a fairy eye, his cob and found timber structures seeming to rise up from moss and leaf fully formed, a part of some deep and elemental earth magic. He calls the forests where he culls most of his timber and materials as the “Super Natural Store”, creating most of his work, a whimsical array of gypsy wagons, greenhouses, temples, domes and yurts, from a remarkable handcrafted wild timber, straw bale and cob building technique.

The results are structures that seem bewitched, alive – leaning pirate ship towers, cottages whose lines dip and slope like the frame of a roller coaster. Sunray’s whimsical buildings and the man himself - are a distinct and unique product of the Pacific Northwest, hearty, windblown, shaggy, with a mischievous, mysterious air.

Like the massive stoic redwoods and grey crag coasts, Sun Ray’s work seems thrillingly ancient, storybook fantasy come to life through keen know-how and a cheerful do-it-yourself fanaticism. Rejecting Western architectural symmetry for the beautiful chaos of the natural world, Sunray Kelley creates strange, wonderful, and livable - works of art. 

All photos from Sunray Kelley's website

 Sunray Kelley in his element. 

Sunray Kelley in his element.