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 La Seine -  @jared_richard

La Seine - @jared_richard


The light on the Seine, the Eiffel at dusk, the flowers, the art, the food, the wine, the wine, the wine. Paris is the home of lovers, writers, renegade thinkers, a place full of dust-covered books, baking bread, wet paint drying on canvas. Couples walk under the sway of blossomed branches, children shout over the tunes from the carousal.  It is difficult to talk about Paris without a rise and a catch in the throat, without using at least some scrap of amateur poetry.

There is no city in the world more romantic or more beautiful. We love you Paris. Now and forever. Below some of our favorite spots in a city filled to the brim with magic. 

Le Mary Celeste – Incredible food and cocktails. We especially enjoy the specialty of the house, a delicious drink contained in a golden pineapple and strong enough and large enough for two. 

Buly 1803 – Go there to explore and to linger. We love their candles and "Counters of Secrets" items (we think this makes a delightful souvenir.)

Myrthe – Just the spot for coffee and snacks (BTW everyone recommended 10 Belles but this place was next door and was better AND smelled amazing since they had just baked a cake!)

The flea markets: Puces de Vanves: We didn't go to the bigger ones, opting instead for this smaller, less overwhelming (and in general less expensive) market.  Ran out of money QUICK because there were so many great pieces.  Also spotted Lynn Yaeger there during fashion week so that seemed like a great stamp of approval.  

Merci – This is the place everyone tells you to go, which you then tell everyone else to go to. A definite highlight. 

Notre Dame – We were lucky enough to stay literally around the corner. We actually never went in (crazy lines!) but the simple gardens around it were utterly beautiful, and we took endless flower photos for BAM embroidery inspirations.

Palais Royal – We love the fountain, where you can just pull up a chair and people watch or just daydream and mind drift a bit, with your feet resting up on the ledge, water softly burbling.

For incredible cocktails: Sherry Butt and Little Red Door both feel like your best kept secret.

Les Succulents Cactus - The cacti obsession has hit Paris.



Some favorite things we traveled with:

 - On the plane or walking around, I was constantly wearing this cashmere wrap.

This bag held everything from in-flight necessities to croissants and wine once we landed. 

- When your rented apartment has a fireplace but it's just for show, this candle will keep it cozy.


 Our  Song of the West denim , white roses, and our Parisian courtyard -  @blissandmischief

Our Song of the West denim, white roses, and our Parisian courtyard - @blissandmischief

 The 4th Arrondissement -  @jared_richard

The 4th Arrondissement - @jared_richard

  Merci -   @jared_richard
 Myrthe -  @jared_richard
 Best seat in the house at the Palais Royal -  @jared_richard

Best seat in the house at the Palais Royal - @jared_richard