Kaisik Wong

 The designer and artist Kaisik Wong

The designer and artist Kaisik Wong

I think the whole body should be a jewel, radiating beauty.
— Kaisik Wong

Japanese Samurai, the queens of Ancient Egypt, decadent Mayan gods, San Francisco designer Kaisik Wong turned dreamtime inspirations such as these, into true wearable art, proving the line between costume and clothing could be continually blurred.

Perhaps the most innovative and imaginative mind in the wild world of 1970s fashion, Wong designed unforgettable ensembles of the likes of Salvador Dali David Bowie and funk legend Betty Davis, as well as a cadre of local drag queens, global fashion scenesters and a few lucky muses.

When he sadly passed away at age 40, he left behind a legacy of vibrant creativity and infinitely collectable pieces. His work borrowed from a storied past while pushing toward a kind of groovy utopian future.  “I like the progressive state,” he once said, “the forward movement, the concept of the Aquarian Age.”