KBAM Radio: Hall and Oates


Go ahead, just try to resist. They had the soul, the funk, the style, the hits - Hall and Oates had it all. Darryl and John, Philly natives with a love for all things musical are still the bestselling duo of all time, with 40 millions records sold and countless Top Ten Billboard scores. 

Talented multi-instrumentalists and savvy songwriters with a keen eye for the fashion and feel of the times, Hall and Oates became masters of the catchy hook and the wry lyric. Their music, pure pop with just a touch of new wave and a healthy dose of old school R&B, captures a certain mood and defines an era with slickest and smoothest of grooves.

Their stage personas are hard to beat as well, a subtle yin to mysterious yang, Hall’s chiseled cheekbones and blonde waves offsetting Oates’ thick black curls and formidable mustachio. This is, was, and will forever be – the good stuff, the music of easy living and good times, the kind of tunes akin to the taste of champagne and the touch of satin.

Go ahead, just try to resist. 


Hall & Oates - Rich Girl (live 1977).