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Creating the ‘perfect tee’ has always been our goal...


Between the just-slouchy-enough fit, super soft wash, vintage inspired construction, and our hand destroy & finishing,  we think you’ll agree - we nailed it.


Our First Love.

“Bliss And Mischief is often known for our denim, but for me, t-shirts are my first love. Just ask the 3 stacks of white tees on my dresser right now.”

-Hillary, Designer/Founder


They’ll feel like your old friend from the moment you put one on.


Made with Care - Here in Los Angeles.

“L.A. is one of the best places in the world to make t-shirts. They hold up beautfully over time (self-tested by me daily).”

-Hillary Designer/Founder


Freshly restocked & ready to be loved for years to come.


"It's hard to be in a bad mood when you have embroidered roses on your knees."

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To celebrate the launch of our new denim line we reached out to our circle of favorite women - the artists, designers, makers, moms, movers and shakers who inspire us every day with what they do...

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Bliss And Mischief Makes Life Better...

Playful, forward-thinking, yet fueled by soulful nostalgia, Bliss And Mischief is dedicated to creating with an open mind, a thoughtful attention to detail, and a hands-on commitment to classic American craftsmanship.


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